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We are a Nation of local communities, each one different in its own way, reflecting the uniqueness of those who call it home. Our communities mean a lot to us as Americans and there are many things you identify with in your local community. Be it your high school or sports team mascot, your city or your state, it has meaning to you, it is unique and part of who you are. So why are we subjecting ourselves to be the brand that everyone else is? 

Move beyond the National Brands and be your own brand with AdeNation.  Be a part of a movement that identifies with you and makes your local community part of a Super Nation.


AdeNation is here to highlight all that is good about your community.

AdeNation identifies with you.

This is who we are.

This is where I live.

Together We Are AdeNation®.

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Sponsors Coast Guard Marathon 


Coast Guard Marathon weekend begins March 3, 2022

Join us for the first-ever in-person Coast Guard Marathon, Half Marathon or 5K proudly brought to you by our Presenting Sponsor: AdeNation!


This race series was created in collaboration with the Coast Guard and Base Elizabeth City to both military and non-military participants as the first road race of the United States Coast Guard.

The 2022 event will be held both in-person and virtually! We hope you can join us here in Elizabeth City, NC for race weekend, but if traveling is not in the cards you can run your own race at your own pace from wherever you are with the virtual option.

Choose your distance, lace up your running shoes and support our USCG men and women from coast to coast.


We understand the importance of hydration.

We also believe in the importance of sports and an active lifestyle and we enjoy seeing the enthusiasm fans have in supporting their team.


We created AdeNation because of the importance both Hydration & Mascots play in Athletics & Sports.


Our formula brings together sports, being active, enthusiasm, and the importance of hydration.  We accomplish this through our many brands that come together as AdeNation.  



Bringing everyone together and

generating local enthusiasm. 

Together We Are AdeNation


AdeNation was thrilled to sponsor Amachi Pittsburgh,

bike ride for Social Justice.

We are honored to support your activism and meeting all hydration needs


Amachi Pittsburgh raises awareness and delivers services to give children a fighting chance-- when the community is knowledgeable about the challenges that they face, children have the support they need to thrive. This awareness creates policy-level change so that youth are unburdened from a system that has made them more vulnerable to the criminal justice system. They had a bike ride for social justice this saturday AdeNation was a sponsor and attended the ride. 

Congratulations to the Boston Renegades for winning The WFA National Championship Game 2021

At AdeNation, we are thrilled and honored to sponsor the Women's Football Alliance and support athletes and fans meeting their hydration needs. 


In 2009, @wfafootball opened its doors to female athletes across the nation. As the interest in the sport explodes, the level of competition is the highest it's ever been. 

These women continue to play their hearts out and AdeNation couldn't be happier to sponsor and support their journey!

#WFA #WomensFootballAlliance #WFAStrong #RoadtoCanton


AdeNation is the official Hydration Drink of

The Women's Football Alliance

healthy sports electrolyte drinks win championships
healthy electrolyte drinks win championships

“We were inspired by the mission of the WFA. Team and community are essential to both the Women's Football Alliance and AdeNation. Sponsoring their National Championship was a perfect fit.” AdeNation prides itself on our philanthropic efforts to connect communities through sportswomanship and health. 

we are

AdeNation Supports Local Athletes Nationwide


local brand power

Thats What We're All About

Our dedication to local brand partnerships is what separates us from national brands,


This is something you can call your own. 


Power of the community is our foundation.

This is Your Brand

This is Your Hydration Drink.

Adenation sports hydration drink
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Your Highschool Sports Hydration Drink

AdeNation is looking to see students and fans of both schools take pride and ownership of a Hydration Drink made for and named for them.  


This is your brand - this is your Hydration Drink. 

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AdeNation® is for Everyone 

AdeNation was formulated for hydration to become part of your daily lifestyle. 

Whether you are on a team or going it alone, we have an AdeNation hydration pack for you.

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