The AdeNation Story

The AdeNation Story

The AdeNation Story

AdeNation is a division of Super Bakery, Inc. located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, home of the Super Donut. Super Bakery was founded by NFL football legend Franco Harris and has been producing nutritional bakery products for over 30 years.

AdeNation is a powdered hydration drink you mix with water, and was born out of curiosity from an experience Franco had during a trip to Minnesota. Upon arriving in the state, Franco did not feel well and as the day progressed, the feeling worsened. With things not getting better, he went to a local hospital. After running a battery of tests, the medical staff discovered that he was dehydrated. This piqued Franco’s interest in how this could have happened. He had not engaged in any physically stressful activities, so why had he become dehydrated? After researching hydration, he learned that as many as 75% of people start their day dehydrated.

With this knowledge, Franco, along with help from doctors, scientists, athletic trainers and others in the field of hydration, worked on developing a hydration drink that would rapidly hydrate anyone. They created a hydration drink that rapidly hydrates, helps prevent dehydration, tastes good, is affordable to everyone and truly works.

After years of testing, AdeNation is now available as an easy to use hydration drink for every body, every day.

AdeNation is your on-the-go powder hydration drink. Pour one stick into 8-16 ounces of water according to taste preference, shake it up and enjoy hydration!

AdeNation is for Every Body, Every Day

It’s a great way to stay hydrated for ALL daily activities and is being endorsed (unsolicited) by numerous medical professionals.

AdeNation is Made In America with all-natural ingredients.

It is a low salt and low sugar powdered hydration drink you add to water. It contains electrolytes, vitamins and minerals that work rapidly to hydrate the cells of your body.

It is great for people of all ages and is a cost effective alternative to all the salty, sugary, artificially flavored sports drinks that are in the market place today.

We Want You to Enjoy Hydrating.

We cannot over-emphasize the importance of staying hydrated. Stay healthy with AdeNation. A Hydration Drink That Works!

What Our Customers are Saying

“Thanks for getting us the Adenation last year. Last year was one of the best years we’ve had in a while at Easley High School.I believe Adenation was a key factor in our success as a team and highly recommend it for other teams, especially endurance teams. Thanks!”

— Braxton Sheriff 

Cross Country coach Easley, SC

“Adenation is the only drink I need to keep me hydrated all day long. I’m a Type-2 Diabetic and it doesn’t interfere with my diabetes.It’s the only thing I drink! ” 

— Robert, Easley, SC 

“With the summer here in the south, if I were to go out and walk 18 holes in the foothills of the upstate, I would normally wake up in the middle of the night with leg cramps. With the help of AdeNation added to my water bottles I haven’t had one cramp this summer.”

— Dr. Koch

MD Orthopaedic Surgeon