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Dr. Pete's ProteinAde™ is an advanced Protein Powder and Hydration Drink made with Organic Rice and Pea Plant Protein. 

It comes in a powder that contains 10 grams of protein per serving, 5 grams of pure cane sugar, and is only 60 calories. ProteinAde is ALL-NATURAL, GLUTEN FREE, and LACTOSE FREE. It is a great alternative drink for those with allergies and can be consumed any-time anywhere.  

Replenish, Recover, and Re-energize. 

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why plant protein vs animal protein?

why pure cane sugar is an important element in a hydration drink!

  1.  We use Pure Cane Sugar vs. Processed Granulated Sugar

  2. Glucose is what our muscles burn during a workout, so you need this to replenish your body. Without Glucose your body's hydration cycle cannot be complete. 

  3. Having sugar in your hydration drink helps you refuel your muscles so that you're ready for the next workout.

  4. Glucose is used in the body for energy. Without sugar in your product, your rehydration speed would be significantly slower.

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Osmolality (The O Factor) ‘determines’ how quickly the body will absorb a liquid into our bloodstream and cells.

ProteinAde™ is a Hypotonic solution with a low Osmolality number.


ProteinAde's™ Low Osmolality allows for rapid rehydration of cells resulting in super-fast hydration that allows the body to replenish, recover and re-energize at the highest level.  

Comparatively speaking, most popular sports drinks are Hypertonic solutions with high Osmolality numbers that can range from 320 to 400. In order for your body to start absorbing those liquids, it must first draw water from other cells to dilute it enough to be absorbed and utilize. Those drinks will cause a decrease in physical and mental performance.

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