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Our health is interconnected with animals and the environment.  

We call it One Health.

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At AdeNation® we are thrilled to announce a partnership between AdeNation® and The International Fund for Animal Welfare.  IFAW is a global nonprofit that helps animals and people thrive together.


At AdeNation®, our goal is to educate how interconnected our wellness is to the health of the environment in which we live, including the animals that also share our home; we call it 'One Health.'   That's why we created our hydration drinks, LionAde and EagleAde. We believe strongly in our health and our environment; AdeNation® will donate a percentage of proceeds to IFAW.

We believe strongly in our health and our environment; AdeNation will donate a percentage of proceeds to IFAW.  

IFAW's mission is to protect wildlife through landscape conservation, from on-the-ground animal rescue to environmental policy in the halls of Congress, with experts and everyday people working in more than 40 countries to rescue, rehabilitate, restore and protect the animals and their natural habitats. 

AdeNation benefits everybody, every day!" including our ecosystem's biodiversity, which we all depend on.  So, replenish, recover, and re-energize with AdeNation
® Hydration while helping create a better tomorrow.  Fresh thinking and bold action for animals, people, and the place we call home.

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Being properly hydrated decreases the risk of

heat-related illnesses.

Hydration is a key in preventing muscle cramps.

Limit consumption of caffeine.

Additional fluid consumption is required while exercising in warmer or hotter temperatures, high humidity, wearing heavy equipment, sun exposure, and high altitudes.

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Prepare your body and mind for every challenge.


for core health.

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EagleAde and LionAde


A percentage of the proceeds will go to IFAW

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Love Them, Save Them


Help create a better tomorrow!

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ifaw conservation

Wild is life. We keep it that way by preserving critical habitats, reducing human-wildlife conflict, combating wildlife crime, and protecting endangered wildlife while supporting neighboring communities.

wildlife crime

A tragic and needless crime that must be stopped. ifaw's global network is on the frontlines to ensure that wild animals have the protection they need from the black market forces that threaten their survival.

Learn More

landscape conservation

These are the places we all call home. By addressing the needs of both animals and people, we’re confronting the challenges posed by urbanization, human-wildlife conflict, and other issues created by human interference.

Learn More

marine conservation

Water is another word for home. Through campaigning, research, and hands-on help, we are leading the fight for the marine animals who live there.

Learn More
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Every day is the day to unleash your personal best

for performance.

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Replenish, Recover, & Re-energize!

Rescue, Rehabilitate, & Release! 

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Personal wellness and environmental wellness

 Every body, every day!™

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Helping animals and people thrive together!

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