Ill or Physically

Compromised Adults

Ill or Physically Compromised Adults

Ill or Physically Compromised Adults

When get well soon can’t happen soon enough, AdeNation is quick to the rescue.
Drinking enough fluids is a major role in managing and recovering from illness or injury and is critical for maintaining core health. Proper hydration improves immune function, prevents dehydration, and alleviates the severity of some symptoms. Include AdeNation in your care routine for quick absorption and faster recovery.

Extraordinary carerequires more than just water.

Extraordinary carerequires more than just water.

Our bodies need extra care when battling illness and overcoming injury. Support your healing and recovery process with the help of AdeNation, an American-made fast-acting hydration drink, specially formulated to replace fluids and key electrolytes rapidly. The O Factor is AdeNation’s signature key to its quick performance and sets it apart from other hydration drinks. Learn more about The O Factor difference.

Healing requires energy too, even while resting.

Strength and energy levels drop drastically when bodies are sick or healing from injury. Through superior hydration, AdeNation supports the healing process and restores depleted reserves for faster recovery.

Convenient and budget friendly.

Resource and Safety managers look everywhere to make the most of limited budgets. AdeNation is an efficient and affordable solution for hydrating emergency personnel and the military. In stick powder form it is easy to carry and simple to use by just adding it to water. AdeNation also has pouches, which are resealable and easy to use. AdeNation provides maximum hydration at a fraction of the cost of premixed bottled alternatives. See the savings for yourself by exploring the bulk and individual serving options in the AdeNation SHOP.

What Our Customers are Saying

“Thanks for getting us the Adenation last year. Last year was one of the best years we’ve had in a while at Easley High School.I believe Adenation was a key factor in our success as a team and highly recommend it for other teams, especially endurance teams. Thanks!”

— Braxton Sheriff 

Cross Country coach Easley, SC

“Adenation is the only drink I need to keep me hydrated all day long. I’m a Type-2 Diabetic and it doesn’t interfere with my diabetes.It’s the only thing I drink! ” 

— Robert, Easley, SC 

“With the summer here in the south, if I were to go out and walk 18 holes in the foothills of the upstate, I would normally wake up in the middle of the night with leg cramps. With the help of AdeNation added to my water bottles I haven’t had one cramp this summer.”

— Dr. Koch

MD Orthopaedic Surgeon