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AdeNation® is for everyone 

AdeNation was formulated for hydration to become part of your daily lifestyle. 

Whether you are on a team or going it alone, we have an AdeNation hydration pack for you.

About The AdeNation® Pouch 

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AdeNation 3 - 5 Gallon Hydration Powder Mix

 53 'single' serving per pouch

Orange Flavor Nutritional Facts

Make AdeNation Your Hydration Drink.

Grape Flavor Nutritional Facts

 About the AdeNation® Stick 

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Coming Soon

New Grape Stick_Front_4_14_20 HORIZONTAL
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Your Go-To for On-The-Go Hydration

Rapid and Easy Hydration

AdeNation® was formulated to ensure that everyone maintains a hydrated state to ward off the symptoms and adverse effects of dehydration.

AdeNation is a Super Hydration drink mix.

No artificial colors or flavors

Loaded with electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals

Travel-friendly, individual sticks to fit in your pocket

Two great flavors, orange, and grape

Larger pouches available for mixing in coolers

Educating the Nation on the need for proper hydration

Made in the USA

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