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for Peak Athletic Performance




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When daily life takes it out of you, 

AdeNation puts it back.

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AdeNation®  is a scientifically proven formula that is effective in maximizing absorption of essential nutrients and electrolytes by carefully blending the proper quantity of sugar, salt and vitamins.

Our Super Hydration formula means AdeNation helps to stop CRAMPS to keep athletes in the game! AdeNation also speeds up the body’s recovery from competitions, training, workouts, and just daily living activities.

The difference in our drink is 'The O Factor’.

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Have AdeNation single-serving sticks readily available when on the go, allowing your body to rapidly absorb vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes to maximize mental and physical performance.

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AdeNation® Hydration Drink is a scientifically proven formula for a fast-absorption! 

AdeNation Super Hydration delivers the perfect balance of electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals to help prevent the effects of dehydration.  

AdeNation hydrates quickly to keep everyone at their peak level of performance mentally and physically.


Replenish, Recover and Re-energize, with AdeNation featuring The "O" Factor.  

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Every day is the day to unleash your personal best

for performance.

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Prepare your body and mind for every challenge.


for core health.

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Being properly hydrated decreases the risk of

heat-related illnesses.

Hydration is a key in preventing muscle cramps.

Limit consumption of caffeine.

Additional fluid consumption is required while exercising in warmer or hotter temperatures, high humidity, wearing heavy equipment, sun exposure, and high altitudes.


High heat and exertion push our bodies to the brink.

for core health.

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A lack of fluids can impair everyday mental performance.

to stay focused.


Braxton Sheriff


Cross Country Coach Easley, SC

“Thanks for getting us the AdeNation last year. Last year was one of the best years we’ve had in a while at Easley High School.I believe Adenation was a key factor in our success as a team and highly recommend it for other teams, especially endurance teams. Thanks!”

What Our Customers are Saying


 Robert Easley, SC



“AdeNation is the only drink I need to keep me hydrated all day long. I’m a Type-2 Diabetic and it doesn’t interfere with my diabetes.It’s the only thing I drink! ” 

Dr. Koch, MD


Orthopedic Surgeon



“With the summer here in the south, if I were to go out and walk 18 holes in the foothills of the upstate, I would normally wake up in the middle of the night with leg cramps. With the help of AdeNation added to my water bottles I haven’t had one cramp this summer.”

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