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Studies show that as little as  2% of dehydration causes physical and mental performance to be impaired. 

Dehydration is caused by multiple factors from sweating, lack of proper fluid intake, exercise, sleeping,

illness, medications, supplements, and other poor fluid consumptions.

Kick start your day with AdeNation Hydration Drink, providing your body with the maximum absorption of

vital ingredients including vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes.

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AdeNation® is a Hypotonic Hydration Solution.


Osmolality (The O Factor) ‘determines’ how quickly the body will absorb a liquid into our bloodstream and cells.

AdeNation® is a Hypotonic solution with an Osmolality numberbelow 280.


AdeNation's Low Osmolality allows for rapid rehydration of cells to prevent cramping and keep athletes at peak performance.


The all-natural AdeNation formula provides you with the electrolytes and vitamins you need

to Stay Hydrated and to Stay in the Game.

Comparatively speaking, most popular sports drinks are Hypertonic solutions with high Osmolality numbers that can range from 320 to 400. In order for your body to start absorbing those liquids, it must first draw water from other cells to dilute it enough to be absorbed and utilize. Those drinks will cause a decrease in physical and mental performance.

Those drinks can actually cause dehydration.


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Hypertonic solutions have an osmolality greater than the body (> 300 mOsmol/l)

(most popular sports drinks)

Isotonic solutions have an osmolality similar to the body (= 290 mOsmol/l)

(Drinks like coconut water)

Hypotonic solutions have an osmolality less than the body (< 280 mOsmol/l)

(which promotes fluid absorption).

This is AdeNation®!

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Dehydration is a drag on athletic and everyday lifestyle performance.
Among athletes, it can cause cramping, fatigue and hinder endurance.  

For the rest of us, even mild dehydration can interfere with a person’s mood or the ability to concentrate.

Being properly hydrated will enable you to perform at your highest level, whether you are an athlete or simply working through your daily routines.
Many things affect being properly hydrated, with the absorption rate being one of the most important (The O Factor).

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Being properly hydrated decreases the risk of heart-related illnesses.

Hydration is a key in preventing muscle cramps.

Limit consumption of caffeine.

Additional fluid consumption is required while exercising in warmer or hotter temperatures, high humidity, wearing heavy equipment, sun exposure, and high altitudes.

AdeNation® is a Hypotonic Hydration Solution.

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Hydration is always important, especially before and after exercise and during periods of heavy activity.  
Fortunately, AdeNation® is the answer; your Go-To for your On-The-Go Hydration.

When you mix water with AdeNation powder formulated with vital nutrients, the body will quickly absorb and give you fast access to electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals helping you maintain proper hydration levels.

Our scientifically proven AdeNation will properly hydrate your body to give you the energy to stay active and healthy.


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